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0 Dim Pro Estrogen Blocker For Health And Longevity

Estrogens are female sex hormones responsible for many health and reproductive functions in women. Although, men’s body on an average is lacking in these hormones, it has been found that today more and more people including men have raised levels of estrogens in their blood and body. While the hormone estrodial can promote long life in men over the age of 50 years, an increased level of estrogen hormones both in men and women’s bodies can be injurious to overall health.

DIM Pro Di-indolymethane
DIM Pro Caps
 In many of the clinical surveys and reports, it has been found that the main reason behind the occurrence of certain type of cancers such as cervical cancer in women and prostate cancer in men is the increased level of estrogens in the body. Estrogen blockers are thus required by both men and women to keep their raised estrogen levels in check and thus promote health by preventing the occurrence of cancer and many such serious diseases.

While it is true that estrogen levels in a woman’s body tend to decline after menopause leading to the need for estrogen replacement therapy in middle age women, men after a certain age on the contrary tend to develop an increased estrogen levels in their bodies. According to some startling estimates, a 59 year old man can have more estrogens in his body as compared to a 54 year old woman.
This contributes to the necessity and need for estrogen blockers for men. Now you must be wondering about the reason for this sudden increase in estrogen levels in the bodies of both men and women these days. The main cause behind this increased estrogen levels in our bodies is our diet and certain food items. These days mostly all food items are contaminated with pesticides and chemicals which contribute to an increase in estrogen release in the bodies.
While there are a number of estrogen blockers available today it is always better to go for natural estrogen blocker as a diet supplement to prevent the occurrence of many age related and cancerous diseases. Dim pro estrogen is one natural estrogen blocker for men and women known by many trade names such as estrogen blocker for men, test boosters, dim estrogen blockers, dim capsules, dim pro estrogen.
Din pro estrogen blocker as a natural estrogen blocker features an advanced formula that balances the estrogens in our bodies. It increases the ‘good estrogens’, while decreasing the ‘bad’ carcinogenic estrogens. Dim pro is so called as it is made up of the molecule compounds indole-3-carbinol - or I3C - and Di-indolylmethane, which is often shortened to DIM. Each capsule of Dim Pro contains 15mg of DIM.
Recommended dim pro estrogen blocker dosage is 1mg per KG of bodyweight. However, for the treatment of cancer and other such diseases, dosages as high as 8mg per KG can be taken to negate the harmful effects of excess estrogens in the body.



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