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1 Can Idebenone Used For Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

Idebenone is a synthetic derivative of an important antioxidant called coenzyme Q 10. It is this CoQ10, which plays a major role in the human metabolic functions by participating in the electron transport chain which is an integral part of energy production in living cells. Being an analogue of this vital nutrient, idebenone too plays a vital antioxidant role, thereby preventing the cells of the mind and body from oxidative stress or damage.

Idebenone Used For Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment
Alzheimer's Disease Brain

While, the role of idebenone in skin care and anti ageing industry is well known and well established, researchers have now found its properties and abilities to heal and protect mental decline. In many of the cases, idebenone has been found to increase and enhance the power of other brain boosting drugs like centrophenoxine, piracetam, deprenyl and hydergine, simply because of its powerful antioxidant properties.
Now you must be wondering, what makes idebenone a potent cognitive power booster to treat serious mind diseases like Alzhiemer’s disease. As we all know that Alzhiemer’s disease is basically a disorder of the mind in which a large number of brain cells start dying at a rapid rate. This rapid brain cell death result in serious mental decline making a person completely disabled to perform his/her daily functions effectively and efficiently.
Alzheimer’s disease not only result in a loss of memory but along with it the loss of all other mental faculties like ability to grasp and understand things, ability to focus and ability to relate and respond to the environment and people around. It is a fatal disease which not cost the life of the victim but seriously damages and affects the whole family of the victim.
As free radical theory has been postulated as the major cause behind the occurrence of this disease, idebenone being one of the most powerful antioxidant can help in the prevention and treatment of this serious disease. The beauty of Idebenone supplements lie in their ability to combat free radical damage, while boosting the body’s natural energy production cycle.
And, as we’ve discovered, Idebenone achieves this even under challenging and traumatic conditions, such as when the body has to battle with low oxygen levels. Idebenone supplements can prove to be a great boon in the treatment of major cognitive diseases like alzheimer’s disease. Combined with other nootropic drugs, idebenone prove to be the best supplement to boost cognitive ability and treat brain ageing.
For optimal Idebenone dosage, please refer to your doctor for your specific condition and mental profile.


  1. While Alzheimer's patients suffer from increasing short-term memory loss, they often still retain much of their long-term memory. One of the best ways to engage with Alzheimer's sufferers in the early to middle stages is to ask them to tell you stories from their past. It is enjoyable and calming for them and usually very interesting for the listener.

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