Thursday, 14 June 2012

0 Pramiracetam For Razor Sharp Memory and Strong Mind

Who does not want to have a higher I.Q. with strong memory and sharp focus. But do you know that I.Q. or intelligence quotient is actually defined as the ratio of tested mental age to chronological age, usually expressed as a quotient multiplied by 100. It is this IQ score, which determines the intelligence and brain power of a person. And as per the definition, it is clear that our brain power decline with age. So as we grow older in age, with the decline of our physical abilities, our mental ability and memory capacity too declines or deteriorates.

Pramiracetam To Increase Brain Power

Now, you must be wondering, is there anything that you can do to halt this decline of your cognitive ability and increase your IQ. If you feel, there’s nothing you can do about the declining intellect and IQ, you are mistaken. While there are myriad crossword puzzles, supplements and exercises to prevent mental decline and intelligence, the best in the field of increase memory supplements and brain power drugs and exercises are the nootropic drugs.
Nootropics are substances that are proven to increase brain power and stop mental decline dramatically without causing any toxicity or adverse side effects. These medicines have revolutionized the field of cognitive therapy by providing an effective solution to the ageing of the mind and the problems and conditions arising due to age related mental deterioration. It was in 1960s, the first nootropic drug piracetam was discovered to bring a ray of hope for people suffering from mental decline and serious mind related diseases and conditions.
Since then many newer medicines and supplements have been evolved to address the issue of mental decline with greater efficacy and efficiency. Of these nootropics, pramiracetam is up to 7 times stronger, and has even greater ability to enhance memory. Clinical trials have demonstrated it has a mild anti-depressant effect, as well as improving memory, attention span and learning capacity. As such it is a useful Altzheimer disease treatment.
Pramiracetan is thus considered to be one of the most powerful smart drugs available in the market to stop mental decline and prevent disease with causing any serious side effects. The benefits of taking Pramiracetam are wide-ranging, and it has been used to treat several conditions, including alcoholism, dementia, motion sickness, headaches, dyslexia, Parkinson’s and stroke.
As nootropic substances such as choline, centrophenoxine, hydergine etc. are synergestic with each other, so if you are taking pramiracetam with any of these medicines be sure to adjust and lower the individual dose to avoid pramiracetam side effects.
Recommended pramiracetam dosage is 15 mg of the medicine per kilogram of the body weight for razor sharp memory and strong mind.


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