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0 Can C Eye Drops To Prevent Oxidative Damage And Cataract

While we are well aware about various health concerns and conditions such as heart disease, infection, cancer and diabetes that can affect our body and health, we tend to overlook one the most vital organ of our body, our eyes. It is only when we have some problem with our eye sight or other concern that we become vigilant to the health and well being of our eyes.

Can-C Eye Drops For Cataract
Can-C Eye Drops

Just like any other organ of our body, our eyes too need nourishment and antioxidants for better health and vision. Eyes are composed of the nerve cells, blood vessels and connective tissues, which require antioxidants to prevent their damage and decay from the free radicals. While our eyes naturally produce antioxidant called n-acetyl carnosine, the production of this naturally occurring antioxidant tends to decline with age.
It is this decline in the naturally occurring carnosine antioxidant which makes our eyes prone to damage related to oxidative stress. No wonder senile cataract is the most common eye complaint among the elderly. In such a scenario, can c eye drops are considered to be the major breakthrough in the treatment of senile cataracts. As these eye drops contain a synthesized formulation of the anti-oxidant carnosine known as n-acetylcarnosine, Can C nac eye drops offer a tried and tested alternative to surgery in the treatment of senile cataracts.
Now, what causes cataracts of the eye is not just the oxidative damage but also another process called glycation. Can c eye drops thus apart from replenishing the loss of the natural antioxidant found in the eyes and preventing eye damage due to oxidative stress, also handle the bodily process of glycation in which glucose leads to changes and a hardening of tissues over time.
Can C Cataract eye drops dissolve cataracts for their action to repair free radical damage to the lens and dissolve away the barriers to clearer vision. In a clinical trial involving individuals suffering from senile cataracts, a twice daily dose of NAC formulated drops over a period of six months, produced remarkable results.
Although cataract surgery offers a complete cure to the problem of senile cataracts, it is still a surgical procedure and is thus invasive and expensive. So when you have treatment for vision, which is not only completely natural and effective but also non invasive and inexpensive, it is always a sensible idea to go for the non surgical option to cure cataract and protect eye health.


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