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0 Dim Pro to Counteract Effects of Excess Estrogens in Men and Women

Today most men and women suffer from various disorders and conditions of the mind and body mainly caused due to hormonal imbalance, in particular due to an excess of estrogen hormones in our system. The rising levels of estrogens in the bodies of both men and women can be mainly attributed to various reasons, the major one being the leakage of an enormous amount of estrogens in the food chain itself. The use of plastics, contraceptive pills, pesticides and consumption of genetically modified food etc. all contribute to an excess of estrogen hormones in the body.

Dim Pro Estrogen Blockers
Dim Pro

While estrogens are natural reproductive hormones found in the body of mainly women and also in men to a small degree, these when occur in excess may cause some serious health disorders and conditions. In addition to reducing sperm counts in males, increased exposure to estrogen heightens the risk of cancer across genders. Cervical cancer in women and prostate cancer in men are mainly caused to excess estrogen in the body. Estrogen blockers in such a scenario are thus important for both men and women for the healthy functioning of their bodies.
While natural estrogen blockers such as testosterone in men and progesterone in women do help in controlling the excess estrogens in the body, given the regular intake of large amounts of estrogen through our environment, food chain and hormonal disorders, it becomes imperative to take some estrogen blocking supplement to maintain the balance of hormones in the body and sustain good health. Dim pro is one such estrogen blocker which has been found to effective and beneficial for both men and women.
Dim pro is actually a chemical found in cruciferous vegetables, which has been found to be effective in reducing the rising levels of harmful estrogens in the bodies of both men and women. As dim pro is an advanced formula that is specifically designed to increase the level of good estrogens and reduce the level of bad carcinogenic estrogens, it lacks the side effects of estrogen blockers available in the market, which tend to overall reduce the estrogen levels in the body.
As estrogens are important female reproductive hormones which are instrumental to the health of both men and women, completely wiping out the estrogens from the system could be detrimental to optimum health. Dim pro thus is a superior estrogen blocker that blocks only the bad estrogen, while retaining the good ones and therefore acts as a perfect balancer of important hormones in the body.
Being a natural estrogen blocker made from DIM, dim pro further wins over other synthetic estrogen blocker as it is easily absorbed by the body and is much more stable.


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