Wednesday, 3 October 2012

2 Miraculous Anti Ageing Benefits of N-acetyl Carnosine for the Mind and Body

When it comes to anti ageing medicines or supplements, no external medicine or dietary supplement can beat the anti ageing benefits of n-acetyl carnosine. N-acetyl carnosine or simply  l carnosine is one of the most powerful antioxidant made from the combination of two essential amino acids beta alanine and histidine produced naturally in the body.
While carnosine is found in nearly all cells and tissues of the body, it is predominantly found in brain and muscle cells. No wonder, doctors prescribe supplements of l carnosine to improve brain function in many elderly individuals with mental decline and children with dyslexia or autism.

Carnosine supplement benefits
Improve Brain Memory
 As per a study published in the November 2002 issue of the Journal of Child Neurology, autistic children who were given carnosine supplements showed remarkable improvement in their brain function as compared to children who were given placebo in the eight week trial period.
However, l carnosine health benefits far exceed the cognition enhancing and mental decline preventing effects to include other anti ageing health benefits such as superior eye sight, cataract cure, prevention of life style and age related diseases like diabetes, heart disease and arthritis, youthful skin, improved muscle tone, better bone density and greater energy and motivation.
Now you must be wondering what makes carnosine supplements such a powerful anti ageing cure compared to other anti oxidants or anti ageing pill. The anti ageing key to life extension super carnosine 500 mg capsules lies in its superior ability to address the two main factors or causes of ageing. The main factors behind all kinds of ageing or mental and physical decline of an individual are the processes of glycation and free radical damage.
Glycation occurs when the protein molecules in the body react with sugar present in the blood to produce cross linked protein molecules. It is these cross linking of protein molecules that cause ageing and disease. Alzheimer's disease and diabetes are the striking examples of deterioration caused by glycation process.
Being a potent antioxidant, n acetyl carnosine not only prevents the mind and body from oxidative stress but also from glycation process. Wrinkles and sagging skin too is the result of these two processes, namely glycation and free radical damage. By addressing these two causes of ageing carnosine helps in not only giving you a youthful body and active mind but also brighter vision and radiant skin as an added advantage.
Life extension super carnosine 500 mg capsules are available online as well from international anti Since, carnosine is a purely natural supplement, there is no need to worry about l carnosine side effects.


  1. "The main factors behind all kinds of ageing or mental and physical decline of an individual are the processes of glycation and free radical damage."

    Yes, this is true and I read a lot of articles that a proper diet and exercise can overcome this.

    Christine Eubanks
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