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0 How to Prevent Cell Damage and Promote Long Life and Youth

We all know ageing is inevitable and we cannot escape it. Although, we cannot escape it, we can definitely prevent it. As per the free radical theory of ageing, ageing happens due to the free radical damage to the cells of the body. As free radicals are produced in the mitochondria of the cells, where energy is produced, it is the main site where maximum free radical damage occurs.

Carnosine Supplement Benefits
Carnosine Supplement
Thus, ageing happens when accumulated DNA damage results in massive cell damage in all the organs of the body, leading to some or the other age related degenerative condition of the body like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, senile dementia, crohn's disease and Alzhiemer's disease. Also known as life style diseases, these are basically a result of cell damage and rapid ageing of the respective organs.

Brain being the central controlling unit for the entire body is at great risk of undergoing cell damage and rapid ageing. Frequent forgetfulness, loss of interest in daily activities, lack of libido, absence of drive and energy are signs and symptoms of mental decline and brain ageing. While common in occurrence, these signs and symptoms of mental decline should never be taken lightly, and immediate steps should be taken to control this trail of rapid ageing and cellular damage within the brain.
Of all the different measures and treatment options available to combat ageing and prevent disease, the most potent weapon against the assault of free radicals on brain and other body cells are anti oxidants. While most of the effective anti oxidants that prevent ageing and repair cell damage occur and produced naturally in the body in the form of various amino acids, some are taken orally in the form of food and dietary amino acid supplements.
As the production of these naturally occurring anti oxidants decline overtime due to various environmental and genetic factors, rapid cell damage and ageing begins to occur. While we cannot notice the deficiency and ageing immediately, gradually the effects of cell damage and ageing start appearing in the form of mental decline and physical weakness. It thus becomes imperative that to prevent this cell damage, extend life and promote youth, one should start taking anti ageing supplements at the appropriate age.
Of all the different anti oxidants and amino acid supplements for depression, mental ageing and decline, carnosine supplements are regarded as the best and most effective supplements to prevent brain cell ageing and other bodily decline. Carnosine is the most effective and potent naturally occurring amino acid known to man.
Hence, the best way to prevent cell damage, combat ageing and extend life is by taking carnosine supplements. The plethora of carnosine supplements benefits include flushing toxins from the body, boosting the immune system and preventing cell damage. The recommended carnosine dosage is between100mg to 300mg per day with occasional breaks.


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