Thursday, 16 August 2012

1 What are the Benefits of Dim Pro Estrogen Blockers

We live in an environment, which is loaded with toxins. From the food that we eat to the water that we drink and the air that we breathe, there are pollutants and toxins everywhere. The food that we eat these days is loaded with harmful pesticides, chemicals and hormones.
While, most of us are aware about the presence and effects of pesticides and chemicals in our produce, little do we know about the presence of hormones in the different types of food items that we eat daily. You will be surprised to know that there is exceptionally high amount of estrogens floating in our food chain in the form of contraceptives, pesticides, plastics and other chemicals.

Dim-pro Estrogen blocker
Although, estrogens play an important role in our physiology, an excess of these estrogens in our system can wreak havoc with our health and body. We all are well aware of the benefits of estrogen hormones for a female body, but are we aware about the estrogen function in men. Just like estrogen are required for healthy female reproductive and immune system, estrogens have been known to act as a life extending bio makers in men.
Thus, a subtle balance in the level of estrogen hormones in our body needs to be maintained for the optimum functioning and health of our body. To counteract the negative effective of these excess estrogen hormones in our body, various kinds of estrogen blockers are available in the market. An estrogen blocker is a special kind of medicine or supplement that reduces the levels of estrogens in the body.
However, despite their benefits, these estrogen blockers have a downside. By reducing the estrogen levels in our body, they also tend to reduce the number of good estrogens, which are required by the body for some crucial functions. Thus, we require an estrogen blocker or dim pro supplement that rather than reducing the level of estrogens in the body altogether, works to maintain a healthy level of estrogens in the body.
Dim pro estrogen blocker made from cruciferous vegetables contain a special ingredient derived from natural plant extracts, which blocks the bad estrogen from causing harmful effects like cancer and tumors, while at the same time increases the level of good estrogens for optimum health and vitality.
As dim pro is made from full natural ingredients, dim pro side effects are none, which makes dim pro supplement an ideal supplement to block the effects of harmful estrogens in our system and thus create health and vitality.


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