Tuesday, 11 September 2012

5 How to Recapture Your Lost Youth and Health with Esnatri

Is there any way one can stay young and youthful for long? While, there is no apparent bio marker for men in terms of ageing and physical decline, women on the other hand start to age rapidly after their menopause. Menopause is a phase in a woman's life, when her body stops producing certain essential reproductive hormones, signaling the end of the menstrual cycle.
Although, a natural and a normal process, menopause can be a period of great mental, physical and emotional distress for many women. With the decline in the production of various reproductive hormones like estrogens, progesterone that perform many important functions in a woman's body can result in hormonal imbalance along with other discomforts such as hot flashes, pain and swelling in lower abdomen, irritability, excessive bleeding, nausea, headaches, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, brittle bones, hypertension, high cholesterol etc.

Natural Esnatri Cream
Natural Estrogen Cream

It thus becomes important to address and treat the signs of menopause with hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy thus involves the administration of external female hormones to make up for the loss of naturally produced estrogens in the woman's body. Traditionally, hormone therapy involved the use of horse estrogens to combat the painful signs and symptoms of menopause. However, as there were tremendous side effects attached with this conventional hormone replacement therapy using horse urine, today, a more natural and safer option is available in the form of Esnatri.
Esnatri is thus nothing but a triple estrogen cream that is specially designed to provide lost estrogens in a woman's body in the same manner and ratio as these exist in the woman's body for not only greater efficacy but also safety. The three major naturally occurring estrogens are estradiol, estrone and estriol. While, the conventional hormone replacement therapy provides these hormones in the ratio 80:10:10, esnatri on the other hand contains estrogens in exact the same ratio as they exist in a woman's body of 90 per cent estriol, 7 per cent estradiol and 3 per cent estrone.
Moreover, while conventional HRT uses estrogens obtained from the horse urine, which are foreign to a human body, esnatri on the other hand contains synthetically-prepared human estrogens and thus proves to be much safer and effective for a woman's body. For great results, apply 2mg esnatri cream daily rotation to your neck, upper chest, breasts, and behind the knees or inner thighs. So, why rely on horse urine when you can easily recapture your lost youth and health with better and natural estrogen cream.



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