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0 Idebenone to Fight the Signs of Ageing

Idebenone, although a powerful antioxidant is a latest anti ageing ingredient in skin care and health industry. The antioxidant has been touted to have tremendous anti ageing benefits for the skin given its  strong free radical fighting properties. While, most of you must be well aware about the benefits and use of antioxidant coenzyme Q 10 in a vast variety of top anti ageing products and cosmetics, you will now find it interesting to learn about idebenone, its equally powerful and effective antioxidant cousin.
Just like coenzyme Q 10, which first found its use and miraculous effects in pharmaceuticals especially in the realm of mind power supplements and heart disease drugs, idebenone too was first formulated and developed by the Takeda Pharmaceuticals in Japan for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive defects. The use of idebenone in skin care and anti ageing industry is thus of very recent origin and hence research is still ongoing to prove its benefits and efficacy in anti wrinkle creams as an anti ageing ingredient like CoQ10.

Improve brain power with Idebenone supplement
Increase brain power

Idebenone is basically a synthetic analogue of coenzyme Q 10, which has now find its aggressive use in conditions and diseases of the mind and body like senile dementia, stroke ischemia, heart disease, etc. that have found to benefit from antioxidant treatment. While, idebenone was first developed and discovered for the treatment of mental decline and other such related conditions of the mind and body, today, it is extensively used in a variety of conditions and diseases of the body such as  of Friedreich's ataxia, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, neuromuscular disorders and anti ageing skin care.
 Moreover, in many of the cases, idebenone has been found to be even more effective and powerful than coenzyme Q10. While, coenzyme Q 10 has been found to helpful in conditions like stroke, heart disease and dementia, it tends to break down during a heart attack, stroke, trauma or shock, when the oxygen levels of the body drop, thereby resulting in the generation of free radicals that cause more harm than good.
Idebenone side effects on the other hand are none as it provides all the benefits of coenzyme Q10 without the above mentioned side effects of the coenzyme Q10, i.e., idebenone does not break down despite the lack of oxygen levels in the body, thus proving to be much more effective and safe than coenzyme Q10. As idebenone tends to protect all the organs of the body from the wear and tear process, it has been found to have beneficial effects for the skin as well. 
Idebenone skin care products claim to treat signs of ageing and damage such as wrinkles, fine lines, creases and sagging skin, thus providing you with a flawless and firm complexion that exudes youth and vitality. Idebenone dosage for skin care and other health care depends on individual condition to be treated.


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